Saluti Cellars Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide our guests with the ultimate experience with the smallest footprint.  This experience includes extraordinary wines along with a unique and beautiful experience to all of your senses.  We provide expansive vistas, ponds, fountains, rolling vineyards, elegant bed and breakfast units with fireplaces, private decks, spa, and full exercise room, wine caves, two unique and intimate wedding venues — one elegant, and one rustic, along with a menagerie of rescue farm animals.

Our small footprint philosophy includes being 100% solar, “Fish Friendly Farming” certified, utilizing organic gardening methods, grass fed/no hormone/no antibiotic ranching, using non-chemical methods (e.g. barn owls and cats) for control of vineyard pests, using natural ozone versus harsh chemicals for the cleaning of winemaking equipment, utilizing natural underground caves for wine and barrel storage, along with providing our customers with a complimentary electric vehicle charging station.

Saluti Cellars Pumpkins
Saluti Cellars